Sports management saves time

You have to pay for your sports equipment. You can gauge the direct benefit by the physical traits like quality, function or appearance and decide whether or not it is worth your hard earned money.

Services need to be paid for too, but are difficult to assess in terms of the cost-benefit ratio, since the benefit for you is not directly visible and measurable. So here is the first reason why you will benefit from our sports management services: time savings

Time is next to health the most valuable asset. Even top professional athletes have a normal job in addition to their training and competitions to finance their sport. After all, the sponsoring market is highly competitive and not everyone is lucky to have financially strong partners at their side. Good time management is indispensable if you want to balance your sporting, private and professional commitments.

Surely you’ve ever thought of creating your own website to present yourself to your fans, media and potential sponsors. But which provider is the best? How much does it cost me per month? Can I create the website myself? What do I have to keep an eye on in terms of ​​data protection? How do my fans and companies find me? One word: SEO. It takes a lot of time to learn all that and implement it! We can tell you a story about that…

You would like to have (more) sponsors, right? Do you have a network of companies within sports and beyond? Do you have an athlete presentation? You know for sure how time-consuming such presentations are. The actual acquisition of sponsors is something that extends over several weeks or even months, you need to available at all time and act fast – you are not the only athlete, who vies for the favor of the companies. Taking care of the sponsors is another big task, which is an ongoing process that should not be inserted between lectures or at lunchtime.

You’ve been very successfull, you want to let your fans participate in your everyday life, you want to improve your image or even establish a brand. But how does the world get to know about you and your plans? Social media, print and TV media are your best friend and have great interest in your person, your success and failures. Do you have the time to handle press inquiries, provide the press with information that will put you in the goorightd light and ultimately positively affect your reach and value?

No matter in which area you want to position and improve yourself, you have to invest time. Not just to acquire the necessary knowledge, but also to apply it. Ask yourself, what brings you closer to your goals. 100% focus on your training, nutrition and regeneration or a balancing act between your sport and all the bureaucratic things that you have to deal with in your everyday life as a professional athlete. An athlete is only as good as the team he builds up around him!

Conclusion: Management costs a lot of time, day after day – time you should invest in your training. Focus on your sport, your strengths and goals. Do not waste time acquiring know-how in areas that should not be your focus. Give the responsibility for these areas to your management and profit from the time gained