Multiplier effects in sports management

You have to pay for your sports equipment. You can gauge the direct benefit by the physical traits like quality, function or appearance and decide whether or not it is worth your hard earned money.

Services need to be paid for too, but are difficult to assess in terms of the cost-benefit ratio, since the benefit for you is not directly visible and measurable. So here is the fifth reasons why you will benefit from our sports management services: multiplier effects

You take care of your sportive tasks and we take care of the things you do not have time for. However, having a management does not necessarily mean that you pass over everything from image consulting, sponsorship, social media, websites to bookings, photo shoots and video shoots. From a cost-benefit point of view, this would only make sense for top athletes who, thanks to sponsors and prize money, have a corresponding “cash flow” and can cover the ongoing management costs.


First of all, we will use the fields of web / social media for illustration purposes. Let’s say you have a management team that takes care of creating and administrating your website, as well as web and social media content management. Your management ensures that you as an athlete get a “business card” – your own website. All information that concerns you as an athlete and is of interest to fans, media and sponsors is located in one place. Profile, career, competition calendar, achievements, pictures, videos, maybe a blog, social media news and much more. No other medium offers you so many options to present you.

What effect does an Instagram and Facebook channel or website have on your career?

Assuming you have worked well in SEO, you will be visible on the net. Fans, media and companies want to participate in your sporting and private life. They want to know where you are at the moment, how you are training, what you’re eating and how you have done in the last tournament. Thanks to your social media platforms and website, you can give them an insight into all these areas and let them participate in your life. Of course, dealing with the press is not always easy, and you should also seek advice in this area if you realize that you get too pissed off in interviews and do not know where to stop when the questions get too personal or annoying. But the press can also be your friend, as it makes you and your achievements known regionally, nationally and internationally. With the content you share on social media and your website, you give your fans, the press and companies something they are urgently waiting for and at best, give them good reasons to work with you.

What effect do sponsoring / acquisition services have on your career?

Without sponsors professional sports is hardly doable. Sports equipment, coaches, entry fees, travel – all this has to be financed somehow. After an initial analysis of the current situation to create an acquisition list and athlete presentation, you are spared from work as an athlete. You do not have to worry about the weeks and months of acquisition work and negotiating with companies, you can concentrate 100% on your sport. Your benefit: you save a lot of time! More time for training means more efficient training and that will get you to your goal a lot faster. If you achieve your goals in training, you’ll most likely be successful in a competition as well.


It depends

Success alone is certainly not the only thing companies pay attention to when it comes to whether an athlete is eligible for sponsorship or not. The media reach, the fan base, whether you are the “average Joe” or polarize, your core values ​​match those of the company and much more, are also crucial. That’s where you can benefit again by having a website that has been professionally set up for you and shows your “chocolate side”. Basically, you can only benefit from all sports management services. The more areas you take care of or give to a management, the greater the multiplier effect. Are you visible in the social media world and understand the functionality and algorithms, you can capitalize on it. Companies, fans and media find you easier and get what they are craving for. Sponsors make you financially more independent and increase your value. Use your reach, your value and your success to be fans’, media’s and sponsors’ number one. From one medal to many medals!

We bring out the best in you and support you in all areas of your sport.

Become a professional “on and off the track”.