Sports Management – Change of Perspective

You have to pay for your sports equipment. You can gauge the direct benefit by the physical traits like quality, function or appearance and decide whether or not it is worth your hard earned money.

Services need to be paid for too, but are difficult to assess in terms of the cost-benefit ratio, since the benefit for you is not directly visible and measurable. So here is the third reason why you will benefit from our sports management services: change of perspective

You are your own manager. But that rarely means you’re going to use your full potential. Only the view from the outside, an objective, unbiased opinion ensures that weak points become visible. You often perceive yourself as different from the public. One does not pay attention to subtleties, be it for lack of time or lack of knowledge.

Your environment consists of family, friends and coaches. Your family is proud of you and your achievements back up your decisions. Just like your friends – they support you, encourage you, even come to your matches to cheer you on. Your coach makes sure that you develop yourself athletically. He knows what you need to do to achieve your goals. Everyone in your environment only sees what he wants to see, based on his knowledge, based on his needs.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had someone giving you advice from a little distance, how to get even more out of one or the other thing? These can be unconventional things, but also quite random things in the field of image-building, dealing with the press and fans, etc.

To illustrate this, let’s give you a few examples:


In most cases, an athlete’s website does not meet the current privacy policy requirements, the sponsors are not visible, the content is out-of-date, or the page is simply not found on Google. Your environment of course does not recognize these little things, because they do not have the necessary knowledge in this area and simply do not know how to present yourself as an athlete to the outside world.


We see many athletes sharing their training, their everyday life, their competitions. But not all are aware of the problem of “unfair competition” in terms of unmarked advertising. Sponsors or other profiles are linked without marking the posts as advertisements. Admittedly, this topic is full of drama and the legal situation remains unclear. Nevertheless, as an athlete one should deal with such topics. Even in the area of ​​copyright protection (e.g. reposts) – there is some lack of knowledge. Furthermore, it’s not really obvious what the person is actually doing. Is he a professional athlete? Influencer? Amateur athlete?

The glassy athlete

Especially with Instagram, many athletes tend to reveal too much of themselves and sometimes even things that you should not have shared. All content has an impact on your own image, is commented immediately and in the worst case, the athlete is brought into a light that does not show him very well. A change of perspective shows you how you are acting and whether that is good or bad for your image.


Entry fees, sports equipment, training camps, nutrition – professional sports is hardly doable without sufficient funds. Many athletes have regular jobs, are supported by friends or family, or at best have sponsors who provide them with cash or free products. But there’s more to it. We have the view from the outside and see many other ways in which you can capitalize on and profit from your talent, your appearance (sex sells, that’s the way it is..), your sports-specific knowledge and experience.

Conclusion: Your environment sees things that you do not see. We see things that neither you nor your environment sees. Use this change of perspective to unleash your full potential!